200+ MS Excel Shortcuts on One Page

200+ MS Excel Shortcuts on One Page

Most professionals use Microsoft Excel every day. It may be to do calculations, create charts, analyse data, or prepare reports for various stakeholders. Excel is used for all sorts of business processes which might be time consuming at various levels.

You can increase your productivity multi-fold if you spend a little less time navigating, selecting, editing, formatting or using formulas in spreadsheets. Many users find that using an external keyboard with shortcuts for Excel helps them work more efficiently. These keyboard shortcuts can actually help getting your work done faster. Although you can do all of these manoeuvres manually (using the mouse), knowing these tricks will help save a lot of time so you can focus on more important matters.

Microsoft Excel is one of the oldest and most powerful spreadsheet processing applications. Each new version of Excel came with more and more new stuff and hence more number of shortcuts. Seeing the full list (over 200) you may feel a bit daunted, more so as most of the cheatsheets available over the web runs in several pages.

We’ll make your life very easy with 200+ MS Excel Shortcuts on One Page

We’ve put together a list of all the Excel shortcuts in just one printable page (200+ shortcuts) below. Its available for download as a PDF file. You must print it (ah! just 1 page) and pin it up at your workstation. So that you always have it handy for reference when you work.

One would normally use only 20-30 shortcuts as part of routine work. However, if all of them are available in front of us at one place, we gradually start using the others too. This results in a marked improvement in output and productivity – its out of personal experience!!

All the best and do let us know if this helps.

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200+ MS Excel Shortcuts on One Page


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