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If you’re an Excel enthusiast, this might interest you.

If unable to join after filling up the form correctly, please send your Access File to +91-9874717100. We will get you added.

P.S. For Access File, check your email after filling up the form.

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(1) Enter the Whatsapp number correctly in the form. You will be removed if you haven’t filled in the correct details and may not be allowed again.

(2) All discussions on the Group shall only be in ENGLISH

(3) SPAM / OFF TOPIC / UNRELATED posts shall not be allowed at all. Even one such post shall lead to removal.

(4) Copyright / IP protected resources should not be shared. Any liability for such violations shall be on the member posting the material.

Incase of any dispute, the decision of the Group Moderator shall be final.

If you need any assistance, please create a support ticket at http://www.exceljunction.com/support
(Only after you have filled up the form)