10 Cool Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks

10 Cool Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular office suites out there. It’s used by businesses both large and small. Despite many programs, Microsoft Word remains one of the most popular word processors available. The more you learn about the special little abilities that Word has, the more efficient you can be using the program. With this selection of 10 Cool Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks, you can really speed up your work productivity, no matter which version you use, and you’ll be able to work more efficiently than ever before.

10 Cool Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks

Move Around Faster

In the event that you are dealing with a lengthy Word document, you can press the Shift+F5 shortcut to cycle through the spots that you have edited recently. Similarly, when you open a new document inside Word, the same Shift+F5 shortcut will take you to the area that you were working when the file was last closed.

Change the Sentence CASE

Select some content in Word and press Shift+F3 to rapidly change the case of the choice. It switches between UPPERCASE, lowercase and Camel Case (first letter in capital) and ought to come helpful on the off chance that you’ve inadvertently left the CAPS LOCK key on while writing.

Compose Anywhere on a Page

Did you realize that you can utilize your Word file as a whiteboard and compose your content anyplace on the page?  Simply double tap wherever you need to sort your content and begin composing.

Prepare your document before writing

It’s generally a smart thought to get an idea of your formatting before you really begin filling in the spaces. That way you can format your headers, passages, styles, and so on all before you set up your file together. Doing as such can help you set your report before you make sure that everything fits suitably. There’s nothing more annoying than duplicating and sticking some data and having the formatting be all wrong.

Move Text without Cut-Paste

Majority of people utilize the Cut-Paste (Ctrl-X Ctrl-V) course to move content in a Word report but there’s another route too. Highlight any piece of content, press F2 and after that place the cursor at the spot where you wish to move that content. Press Enter and the content will be moved.

Embed Unicode Characters

In the event that you know the Unicode code of a character, you can rapidly add it to your file by writing the code followed by Alt+X. For example, the code for Indian Rupee image is 20B9 – type 20B9, press Alt+X and the code will be supplanted by the genuine Rupee symbol.

Hide the ribbon interface

For those who may not know, the ribbon interface is the toolbar that runs along the top of Microsoft Word. Some people enjoy it and others find it distracting. Thankfully, there is an easy way to get rid of the ribbon. With Word open, click CTRL+F1. The ribbon will disappear. Repeat the process to make it reappear.

Word’s Hidden Calculator

Your Microsoft Word has a hidden calculator that can deal with all the basic arithmetic operations. You can compose the Math’s expression in your file, highlight it and press the Calculator button– the result of the computation will be shown in the status bar.

Include Placeholder Text

There’s a Lorem Ipsum generator built inside Word to help you embed filler content anywhere inside the report. Type =RAND(P,L) and press Enter to embed “P” number of sections each having “L” lines. For example, =RAND(3,6) will create 3 dummy Passages with 6 Lines each.

Compare documents

There are various reasons why you might want to compare two documents and Word provides the option. Open the Word documents that you want to compare and move to the View tab of the ribbon. Click the ‘View Side by Side’ button, and then click ‘Arrange All’. Press ‘Synchronous Scrolling’ and you can scroll then through both of your documents at the same time.


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